About me

Name: Mihaela Radu

Birth date: 5 november 1982

Birth plae: Roman,Romania

Residence: Iasi,Romania

Nationality: Romanian

Height: 5"1  156 cm

Weight: 145 lbs  65 kg offseason,122 lbs  55 kg contest shape

Biceps: 14"5  37 cm

Thighs: 24"  60 cm

Hair: blond

Eyes: dark brown

Ocupation: Fitness nutrition diet specialist

Studies:-light industry engineer diploma


              -diet and nutrition course

Hobbies: bodybuilding,traveling,pets

Years of training: 12

Best bodypart: back,pecs,arms

Lifting records:-squats: 130 kg  286 lbs

                           -bench press: 100 kg  220 lbs

                           -shoulder press: 60 kg  132 lbs

                           -deadlifts: 130 kg  286 lbs

                           -curls: 50 kg  110 lbs ( both arms)  20 kg  44 lbs (one arm)


   My story:

   I was born on 5 .11.1982 in Roman,a town in Romania.I was a strong child and i always enjoyed physical activities.

   I started attending a gym 12 years ago because i wanted to keep fit.Shortly after i discovered the exciting world of bodybuilding and i started training out of passion.Bodybuilding completely changed my life:i got more organised with my time and i became addicted  of the importance of a good nutrition.

   At the beginning bodybuilding was just a hobby,i was enjoying building my muscles as it made me feel good about myself. I also liked very much watching professional competitions. I got so involved in this life style that i got a job as a trainer and i really liked helping other people change their bodies and their diet;i was happy to see that many people followed my advice and improved the quality of their life.